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What is new on our website (updated 1/2/15):

  • The winter 2015 workshops flyer is available in the Programs, Services, and Initiatives tab.
  • Dual Degree Day at UCI Law--visit the Involvement tab for details. .

Successful Student Spotlight

We love to highlight student success. If you have a student you'd like for us to shine a spotlight please e-mail us their name, UCI e-mail address and their recent accomplishment to osss@uci.edu.



Welcome to Student Support Services

Housed within the Division of Undergraduate Education, Student Support Services (SSS) is an academic support program dedicated to helping first-generation college, low-income, former foster youth, and /or disabled students succeed and thrive at UCI. The goal of SSS is to help students successfully transition to UC Irvine and make the most of their academic experience. SSS offers drop-in counseling and advising, provided by professional staff, faculty, and student peers, organizes weekly workshops on academic and social opportunities at UCI, and coordinates summer academic programs for incoming students.  

Housed within the Division of Undergraduate Education, Student Support Services (SSS) is an academic support program dedicated to helping first-generation college, low-income, former foster youth, and/or disabled students succeed and thrive at UCI. Our goals are to help students transition and maximize their college experiences so that they can successfully thrive at UCI.

Our Student Population

First generation students are students whose parent(s) did not earn a four-year college degree. Note that if your parent(s) earned a college-degree outside of the U.S. you are still considered a first generation student.

Low-Income is based on federal and state definitions and is determine by a student’s submitted FAFSA and/or California Dream Act application.

Former Foster Youth status is determined through the provision of documentation to our office from the state or county that confirms your current and/or former ward of the court status. Join us on our Former Foster Youth (FFY) Facebook group!

Our Staff


Dr. Victoria Basolo, Faculty Director

Associate Professor of Planning, Policy and Design in the School of Social Ecology. For information about her research interests, view https://eee.uci.edu/clients/basolo/

Office: 2100 Student Service II
E-mail: basolo@uci.edu

Dr. Natalie Schonfeld, Director

Natalie has worked at UC Irvine for nearly 15 years, including three years in the Division of Undergraduate Education doing assessment and research on undergraduate engagement and success at UCI. She received her B.A. from Pomona College, where she double majored in Government and French Literature, and her Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in Educational Studies. Her dissertation addressed the relationship between race, ethnicity, & immigration status and student success in higher education. Natalie is committed to issues of access and student success in higher education and works to help students develop the confidence and discipline to complete their undergraduate education.

Office: 2100 Student Services II
E-mail: nschonfe@uci.edu


Tameyka Love, Counselor

Tameyka was a re-entry student who transferred to UC Irvine from Irvine Valley College in Fall 2006. She graduated with a B.A. in Sociology, a minor in Psychology, and a certificate in Planning and Human Services in June 2008.

Office: 2100 Student Services II
E-mail: tlove@uci.edu

Dianna Mendoza, Office Manager

Dianna has worked at UCI for 23 years all within the Division of Undergraduate Education. Since Fall 2011, she has been working in Student Transition Services as the Office Manager for both Student Support Services and the Transfer Student Center. Dianna is excited to meet the students our office serves and help them achieve their goals while at UCI.

Office: 2100 Student Services II

2014-2015 SSS PEER Educators

Feel free to contact them at ssspeer@uci.edu

Scroll down to learn more about each of the SSS Peer Educators

Helen Tran

Major/minor: Double major in English, Psychology & Social Behavior/ minor in Educational Studies
Future Career Goals:
Attend graduate school and earn a degree in Educational Psychology, work in an educational setting and promote an empowering and socially just educational learning environment
Campus Involvement:
S.E.A.R.C.H. (Southeast Asian Retention through Creating Hxstory), On-campus research
Favorite Pastime/hobby: watching YouTube videos, playing with kids, cooking, going to Target, eating french fries, exercising, shopping, volleyball, taking naps, finding new places to eat, listening to Beyonce, watching Parks & Rec.
Ask me About: how to write an academic paper, choosing a major, summer school, study strategies, time management, School of Humanities, professionalism, taking on a minor, School of Education.

Nancy Lam

Major/minor: Biological Sciences
Future Career Goals: I would like to apply to and attend either physical therapy or osteopathic medicine school. I would also like to forever be a student of the University of Life, while learning how to synthesize water.
Campus Involvement:
Campuswide Honors Program, Public Health Research (PH 194C/Bio 199)
Favorite Pastime/hobby: Spending time with family and friends, perusing food blogs, creating a recipe for low-fat, low-sugar, chewy vegan chocolate chip cookies, learning new languages, watching TED Talks, early morning walks, chatting with old people, and mulling over the meaning of life.
Ask me About: Campuswide Honors Program, sustainable college cooking, Humanities Core, PH 194 Research Series, finding motivation in school, and the Clinical Care Extender program at Hoag Hospital.

Priscella Arciga

Major/minor: Psychology and Social Behavior with a minor in Criminology
Future Career Goals: Attend graduate school and get a Masters degree in Psychology
Campus Involvement:
Director of Community service for the organization, Latino Business Student Association (LBSA), Summer Bridge s
Favorite Pastime/hobby:
Volunteering, mentoring students in high school, reading, catching up on T.V. shows, playing badminton, hanging out with friends, travelling, and enjoying life.
Ask me about: Being a first year, Humanities Core, volunteering, studying, time management, Apple products, challenges in life, dealing with stress, learning to love yourself, ask me about anything!

Selena Bazan

Major/minor: Criminology, Law and Society with a minor in Psychology and Social Behavior
Future Career Goals:
To one day attend graduate school and become involved in the field of forensics.

Campus Involvement: Latino Business Student Association (LBSA), Graduate Resource Center worker
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I like to be adventurous and trying new things. I enjoy crocheting, shopping, eating, and watching different shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Cake Boss, Hell’s Kitchen, and Desperate Housewives are few of my favorites).
Ask me about: The different ways to plan and organize your class schedule, the housing communities (I did extensive research when applying for my own housing contract), interesting classes that fulfill GE’s, any of my interests/hobbies, and being a Peer Educator for Student Support Services. I invite any question (if I don’t know the answer, I will investigate until I find an answer).

Sunny Thai

Major/minor: Sociology major with a minor in Education
Future Career Goals: High school social science teacher
Campus Involvement:
Intern for Global Connect as well as a member of Chi Alpha Epsilon.  
Favorite Pastime/hobby: I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I also like to play tabletop RPGs, like Dungeons and Dragons. I'm an avid reader as well, although the amount of reading I do declines as we get closer and closer to finals. I also like to go jogging or play tennis, although I'm not so good at the latter.
Ask me about: Different clubs on campus, a Sociology major, or an internship with Global Connect. I can also tell you about various different resources available to students, and I am always on the lookout for free food on campus. Feel free to ask me about anything though; I have job experience as a telemarketer, so I really enjoy talking to people!

Johnathan Tran

Major/minor: Computer Science
Future Career Goals: Attend graduate school and hopefully get hired at a cool tech company.
Campus Involvement:
Summer Bridge, Peer Educator for SSS
Favorite Pastime/hobby: Playing casual tennis and computer games (especially League of Legends), spending time with my family and friends, volunteering at my local church, watching cartoons, and procrastinating.
Ask me about:
Computer Science classes, Summer Bridge, LARC, finding a balance between time and games, integrating into the college environment, easy/worthwhile GE's, or anything random that comes to your mind that I may be able to answer.

Joshua Daniel

Major/minor: Biological Sciences
Future Career Goals: Medical School, Politics, Philanthropy
Campus Involvement:
Campus Representative
Favorite Pastime/hobby:
I LOVE cooking, discovering new music, watching movies, reading a good book, and writing short stories. I’m also increasingly interested in modern philosophy and charity work.
Ask me about:
Ask me about goal setting, getting involved on campus, self-motivation, and anything else. If you are a biology major, ask me for advice and tips in making it through.

Cindy Ta

Major/minor: Biological Sciences
Future Career Goals: Attend pharmacy school to become a pharmacist
Campus Involvement:
American Red Cross Club and Vietnamese Student Association
Favorite Pastime/hobby:
Hanging out with friends, running, cooking, watching Korean dramas, going on food adventures. I also enjoy going on late night walks, hiking, working out, tutoring, helping others, and meeting new people!
Ask me about:
Choosing classes for a Biology major, recommended GE courses, best places to study on campus, joining campus organizations, changing study habits, how to find inspiration, and enjoying UCI!

Phuc Nguyen

Office Administrative Intern

Major/minor: Cognitive Psychology with a Minor in Management and Statistics
Future Career Goals: Industrial/Organizational Psychologist or Entrepreneur
Campus Involvement:
Administrative Intern Program, Vietnamese Student Association, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Student Center Events and Services,
Favorite Pastime/hobby:
Reading, hiking, camping, volleyball, badminton, anime/manga, and music.


We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your academic and personal goals.



Student Support Services
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