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Contact Information:
If you have questions about the IPG program, please contact Dr. Zahra Ahmed, Coordinator,
International Peer Group, at ahmedz@uci.edu or (949) 824-6776







International Peer Group

IPG's mission is to assist UCI's international freshmen in making a smooth transition into university life. IPG provides both academic and social support in order to engage our international students in UCI’s vibrant campus life and help them create solid relationships in their new environment. IPG is based on strong mentor/mentee relationships that encourage cultural exploration as well as academic and personal success. Through IPG, all students have a chance to create new friendships and develop their skills and knowledge in order to ensure academic, social and professional achievement at UCI. 

2013-2014 IPG Mentors’ Vision Statement:
We, the IPG Mentors, commit ourselves to being compassionate, empowering, and enthusiastic and to cultivating a community that is respectful, supportive, and open-minded.


IPG is now hiring PEER MENTORS and

International Peer Group (IPG) is now hiring Peer Mentors and Mentor Coordinators for 2014-2015! IPG Peer Mentors assist international freshmen throughout the year in making smooth transitions to life at UCI and in
the United States by providing both academic and social support. IPG Mentor Coordinators play an administrative role in helping to supervise IPG Mentors and they also serve as a back up mentor for all IPG mentees.

If you are...

  • an empathetic student who wants to help others get the most out of their time at UCI
  • a campus leader who can connect mentees with UCI programs and resources
  • committed to learning about other people and cultures
  • organized and able to take the lead in organizing and hosting workshops and events
  • motivated to use your experiences to provide academic and social support to first year students

...this job is for you!  Read the full job description.

Pay rate: Peer Mentors $9.10/hour.  Mentor Coordinators $10.00/hour.

Hours: Peer mentors 10 hours/week.  Mentor Coordinators 15 hours/week.

Starts: Week of September 15, 2014 and runs through the 2014-2015 academic school year.

Please note, applicants for the Mentor Coordinator positions must complete BOTH the Peer Mentor application and the Mentor Coordinator application.

Applications for Peer Mentors and Mentor Coordinators are due on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 5:00 pm.


We're in the News: IPG Receives UCI Recognition

Look who is on UCI's website!  UCI examines IPG's special role in helping international freshmen thrive in and outside of the classroom in a featured online article.


The IPG program includes several types of activities which help mentees become adjusted to life at UCI. 

Individual and Small Group Meetings:
Mentors and mentees meet every other week to get to know one another.  Examples include:

  • Mentors and mentees can meet individually for coffee on campus.
  • Mentors can meet with mentees in “mentor families”, or small groups.
  • Mentors can show mentees around UCI's campus.
  • Mentors can invite mentees to go out with friends.

Large Group IPG Events:
All IPG mentors, mentees and other UCI students can come together for large group events.  These include academic and social events.  Examples include:

  • Welcome Week events
  • International Education Week
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Thanksgiving Potluck
  • Holiday Party

Mentors provide a variety of academic services:

  • Help mentees understand UCI's academic culture.
  • Review class notes.
  • Review essays.
  • Help set up individual tutoring sessions through LARC and other resources.
  • Connect mentees with the Campus Writing Center.
  • Attend professor’s or TA’s office hours with mentees.
  • Provide flexible office hours to meet.
  • Help mentees create assignment / exam schedules.
  • Practice English with mentees.
  • Link mentees to other relevant campus resources.
  • Discuss experiences studying or living abroad.
  • Provide referrals to other campus services. 
  • Serve as a general resource to help mentees adapt to UCI.

Mentor Office Hours:
IPG mentors are available to meet with mentees in convenient, public places on campus to discuss academic questions and concerns. Mentors have office hours once /week during the afternoon and once/week in the evening hours. 

Download IPG's brochure.


Sign up for IPG
If you are an international student and would like to be matched with a mentor, please contact Dr. Zahra Ahmed,
Coordinator of IPG at: uciinternationalpeergroup@gmail.com

Opt out of IPG:
If you do not want to participate in IPG, CLICK HERE to opt out of the program.  You may return to IPG at any time by contacting IPG staff.


Contact Us:

Zahra Ahmed: Coordinator, International Peer Group- ahmedz@uci.edu

Stefani Tran: Administrative Assistant, International Peer Group- stefanit@uci.edu







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